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We seek to catalyze systemic, scalable solutions to key issues facing our home regions of Colorado and Chile to support the development of resilient, thriving communities.


“Through ZOMALAB, we focus on issues that reflect our passions and our personal experiences in the places we call home. What moves us to give back is simply gratitude – for our communities and the opportunities we have had in our own lives.”


– Lucy Ana & Ben Walton, Co-founders


ZOMALAB, in partnership with the Colorado Governor’s Office, Colorado Succeeds, Colorado Thrives, SemperVirens, Skillful a Markle initiative, and Strada Education Network launched SyncUp Colorado, a $5 million prize pool calling for breakthrough education-to-employment partnerships to support Colorado's young people.


Aligned with our mission to support resilient and thriving communities, ZOMALAB is a founding partner in Enduring Earth, a nonprofit collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund, committed to accelerating nature conservation and rural economic development worldwide through the Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) approach.

Resilient, Thriving Communities

Learn more about the impact our partners in Colorado and Chile are making and how they are supporting and strengthening communities.

We believe in philanthropy as a catalytic tool to explore traditional and non-traditional methods, pilot new models, and incubate place-based approaches that can scale and/or replicate in service of advancing systems change.

We invest to advance and scale technology and other market-based solutions that support long-term progress.

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