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Through ZOMA Capital, we invest in a broad range of market-based solutions that support long-term progress in our key issue areas. We invest flexible and patient capital across multiple asset classes and invest globally to catalyze solutions with potential to advance progress in our home regions of Chile and Colorado.
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Investing to support more resilient and thriving communities in Colorado and Chile



Accelerating energy technologies to create a more efficient, responsive, and modernized electric grid.

Workforce Development

Reconnecting the education system with the labor market, supporting the development of affordable and valuable career pathways that provide job relevant skills.

Community Economic Development

Piloting a hub-and-spoke model to support rural communities to capitalize on regional assets and accelerate local and regional economic prosperity and resiliency.


Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Increasing social impact, economic opportunity, and job growth through investments in companies as well as through leading institutional investors and funds that invest in innovative entrepreneurs and help breakthrough companies achieve scale.

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